What Did Barack Obama the USA President Think of Indonesia

What Did Barack Obama the USA President Think of Indonesia

United States of America President came to Indonesia some years ago, and there some opinions on the president visit.  We rewrite some of that opinion. Important Indonesia in the eyes of the US?  President (US), Barack Hussein Obama has ended, but the Indonesian government and society certainly hope this is not the last time he visited Indonesia.

In a speech at the University of Indonesia, Depok, Barack Obama stated that Indonesia is a part of him. Naturally, if Obama says so. He lived in Indonesia for four years. At that time he was to Indonesia with his mother, Ann Dunham and His stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, who is also Indonesian.

Stepfather forced to leave college in Hawaii, to join military compulsion  to Papua New Guinea (Papua) by the Indonesian government. Regardless of Obama's childhood in Indonesia, we also need to think a lot about the arrival of the first people in the country of Uncle Sam's.

Who is he today? What interests in Indonesia? And what is  the objective he came? Obama long ago, in stark contrast to Obama now. He used to be just a kid "inexperienced" which probably had no effect. In fact, it could be totally not be calculated because only an ordinary immigrant. But now it is different. He is the 44th President of the country wide Superpower USA.

He led the country has enormous power to rule the world. He is also the number one in the third most populous country. Thus, he would have been the purpose of visits to Indonesia are not as many people think that in Indonesia.

He does not "go home," although he said that Indonesia is his hometown. If Indonesia including his hometown, why he did not visit SDN 01 Menteng? Why he did not stay in touch with childhood friends? Or why he did not meet the family that has long been his stepfather in Indonesia?

Now, therefore we need to understand, that he came to Indonesia on behalf of the US State and struggle for US national interests as well. Not personal interests. Just imagine, Obama only 18 hours in Indonesia. In contrast to his visit to India, New Delhi, which took almost three days. Even when in New Delhi, he visited several historic sites, including Humayun's Tomb monument which according to some sources has inspired the creation of the Taj Mahal.

 Saking may not important Indonesia in the eyes of the US government, visited the garden tomb in Kalibata Heroes, which has been the initial agenda of the White House was also canceled. The visit has a short, even in shortening again. If so, how important Indonesia in the US government and Obama?

Obviously not important. Why? There are three things in my opinion.

First; Because the position of Indonesia is currently only as "consumer" The US and the world, not the policy maker. Indonesia has not had a strong bargaining power at international level. In short, Indonesia is considered as a faithful follower that will comply with all US interests until whenever.

Second; Indonesia can not help the US in the recovery of their economic growth after the turmoil banking crisis three years ago. Because the US today need is doing economy that is still taking place and become the most powerful in the world.

Third; Indonesia's current position as a spectator, not a player in the global arena. A spectator can not manage the game, directing the game, let alone to participate to make policy which has broad authority. In Asian countries, the US consider only China can answer the need of US. So do not be surprised if China was the first country in Asia to visit Obama after being elected.

Indonesia is the third country to visit, and even then after several times to cancel his visit. If you have a strong bargaining power in the global arena, the US and the Obama certainly will think twice if only to visit Indonesia in a dozen hours. Definitely three days, or even could be four days.

What should be done so that Indonesia is considered important by the Barack Obama? The trick simple. Build the economic power of the country internally to mature. Establishing cooperation with socialist countries who do not think for the sake alone. And building-based economic power of people. It became the first step to become a major player in the global arena.

 Indeed, how long he visited Indonesia is not the size that Indonesia is important or not, but at least Obama and the US government realized that many things have been done in the government and people of Indonesia for his visit which is only 18 hours.

Listening to Obama's speech at the University of Indonesia, it could be concluded that her arrival to Indonesia just want to restore the public image of the USA President  in the eyes of Muslims, that the US does not intend to fight against Muslims.

More precisely, the symbolic politics that in doing Obama to Indonesia. Approximately what steps will be done that Indonesia is considered important by the US if a visit at another time?

 Hopefully, whoever becoming the president of USA , He or She will influence on the better world situation and condition. Read the article about memory of Obama Good Memory in Jakarta

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What Did Barack Obama the USA President Think of Indonesia