The Most Delicious And Tasty and Economic

 The Most Delicious And Tasty and Economic


I am sure all countries certainly have a food mainstay of the most delicious and tasty economic from their respective countries. Want to know what the most delicious food from around the world? Come on, we see which countries got the nickname eat the most delicious in the world below.and it is belong to the most delicious and tasty

1. Food Thailand is a country rich in culinary tourism. Because every food made always using a mixture of sweet, sour, bitter, and hot. Thai food is also characteristic with herbs and herbal ingredients such as orange juice, fresh cilantro, and lemon grass. You'll also find a Raw beef, and fermented fish paste or fried insects. If you foodies, you shall come to try it.

2. Food Italy (Greek quisine)The food is made from olive oil, and herbs from the Mediterranean flat. The food is very influential with food flavored Italy and Turkeydelicious food in the world

3.Spain is very varied food that contains a lot of vegetables, meat, and as well as the materials taken from the sea. These foods also use a lot of oil. And can be served with the most favorite drinks and traditional namely sangria.

4. Japanese food is very popular with a very good taste. So it is not surprising that Japanese cuisine is also favored by other countries. seafood, soybeans, and vegetables bus found in nearly all restaurant. Not surprisingly, the Japanese got the top rank with the most delicious food in the world.delicious food in the world

5.Mexican food is famous for its spicy food. Most of the Mexican food is a mixture of Spanish and French culture cuisine. food is favored in Mexico is a sweet bread and bolilo, there are also food yes quite extreme with basic material venomous snakes, iguanas, and insects.

6. Indian food is also very spicy flavor. It tastes good and makes it delicious Indian food served in the restaurant's many star. Indian food itself much use mutton, fish, and chicken. And rolled bread is a food that is very popular in India.delicious food in the world India

7. China's most popular cuisine of all countries in the world. Besides the food was good and cheap, food china is also easy to make. Many dishes are made with ingredients that rare dishes like moss pakcai. But it seems not suitable for food Chin people are predominantly Muslim Indonesia, because a lot of Chinese food that contains meat Dog and Pig.china tasty or delicious food in the worldSee also: Recipes How To Make Shrimp Roasted honeyHow, if you are interested in the most delicious food above?

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The Most Delicious And Tasty and Economic