Economic Weakening Compared to US Dollar

Economic Weakening Compared to US Dollar

Here I report the economic situation influencing the social economics weakening  of nation.  The weakening of the rupiah against the US dollar (US) to penetrate the 13,300 considered the worst since 1998. But the government ensure Indonesia is not alone to face difficult conditions. Indonesian economy even claimed to be far better than the three other countries. American economic is stronger than many nations in this globe.

Minister of Finance (Finance), said the upward trend in the US dollar value of the currency suppress almost all countries in the world. In some cases, the recognition Ringgit depreciated currency is higher than the rupiah.

"States that a group with our emerging markets, such as Brazil, Turkey and South Africa (South Africa), a depreciating exchange rate is greater than us. Macro-economic conditions are also worse than Indonesia," he said when talking with , at his residence Jakarta,

For example, explained minister, Brazil's economy is expected to grow negatively or contracted. Another fact, the weakening currency in Brazil is much greater than the rupiah. While the macro conditions indicate Samba Foreign reserves decreased to the level of interest rates continues to be raised.

While Indonesia, he affirmed, the weakening of the rupiah is not currently indicated Indonesia's economic fundamentals down. This, he says, can be seen from a number of macro-economic indicators of Indonesia are fairly healthy.

"Interest rates in Indonesia have not changed since the adjustment of the BI Rate to 7.5 per cent. Our foreign exchange reserves of US $ 110 billion, equivalent to 6.7 months of imports and debt payments," he said.

The minister admitted that there is a slowdown in economic growth in the first quarter of 2015 only 4.7 percent savor. But the realization is claimed grown relatively higher than other countries that recorded a greater economy of Indonesia.

Looked performance of companies in the real sector in the midst of an economic slowdown, he added, not as good as previous years. But not solely because of pressure rupiah, but a factor weakening commodity prices. Impact, continued minister, the company palm oil, coal and other natural resources should be decreased profits.

"As for the banks, earnings this year is baseball for the past year. But in general our banks are safe with non-performing loans are relatively small, pretty good loan growth of 10 percent or more in when conditions are severe,"
This Economic Weakening Compared to US Dollar is not predicted by national economist. This happening of dollar increase makes difficult to improve home finances.

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Economic Weakening Compared to US Dollar