Health Assessment in Social Life

In assessing the health condition  the nursing diagnosis needed
Health Assessment in Social life are as follow:  . Nursing diagnosis contains the main components, namely:

a. Problem (problem); which is a discrepancy or deviation from the normal state is supposed to happen.
b. Etiology (cause); show cause health problems or nursing may provide direction to nursing interventions, which include:

1) behavior of individuals, families, groups and elderly people
2) physical environment, biological, psychological and social elderly
3) the interaction of behavior and environment

c. Sign / Symptoms
1) the information necessary to formulate a diagnosis
2) a set of instructions onset of problems

To diagnose nursing must contain a minimum of 2 components mentioned above, in addition to consider the following matters:
1) the ability of communities to cope with the problem
2) the available resources of the community
3) participation and community participation

The nursing plan drafted should include:
a. Formulating nursing goals to be achieved

Criteria formulated objectives are:
1) focus on communities
2) clear and concise
3) can be measured and observed
4) Realistic
5) the relatively limited time (short, medium, and long)
6) involve the participation of the community

b. Nursing action plan to be implemented
c. Criteria for assessing the results of goal achievement

Criterium in planning:
1) wear proper working procedures
2) may be modified
3) be specific
a. who will do?
b. where do?
c. when done?
d. how to do ?
e. frequency do?

Implementation (implementation)

Principles of the implementation of nursing are:
a. based on public response
b. adapted to the resources available in the community
c. improve the ability of communities to self-preservation and the environment
d. cooperate with other professions
e. emphasis on aspects of health promotion and disease prevention
f. consider the need for health and community care is essential
g. pay attention to environmental change community
h. involves the participation and community participation in the implementation of nursing

 Hal things that need to be considered in the implementation of nursing are:
a. the involvement of non-nursing health care workers, cadres, community leaders, in order over the role
b. implementation of medical referral and referral health
c. integration (power, cost, time, location, facilities and infrastructure) with health care and other sectors.
d. Each nursing actions that have been implemented are recorded in the records provided.

  Assessment (Evaluation)

Activities made in the assessment are:
a. comparing the results of the actions undertaken by the intended purpose
b. assess the effectiveness of the nursing process from initial assessment to implementation
c. nursing assessment results primarily used as an ingredient planning subsequently if the problem is not resolved
 That are the Health Assessment in Social, works need professional job.

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Health Assessment in Social Life