How to apply Fertilizers to Orchards Flower

How to apply Fertilizers to Orchards Flower

Applying fertilizer to orchards plants must be adapted to the type of flowering and the pattern of growth. Ornamental plants as the orchards need special treatment to get most beautiful flowering.
Fertilizer may consist of nitrogen, potash, and phosphorus. these elements of nutritious to plant give different influence to the growth of plants both vegetatively and generatively.

       Fertilizing orchids with the best way to get better growth and flowering
In fact, many orchid hobbyists who still do not understand the proper way of fertilizing orchids. For starters, still considers all the same type of fertilizer for orchids usefulness. There is a friend asked why the orchid plant will not bloom, but already fertilized every week, and lush plants with broad leaves. Misunderstanding about fertilizing orchids, which makes many people from giving fertilizer on the orchid plants. And wished speedy orchid large and fast flowering.

Indeed orchids includes plants that slow growth. So many people who can not wait, to see the rapid flowering orchid, which is stimulated by fertilization. The result orchids not only growth and flowering. Actually stimulate flowering can be done, helped by hormones. On condition that the plant is already prepared for the age and flowering stems. For a fastest growing orchid, phalaenopsis and dendrobium
di    require time of approximately 18 months after coming out of the bottle, for the first flowering.
       The market is currently circulating a variety of brands and types of fertilizers of different contents. Of course, also has a function and different purposes. About the orchid fertilizer once we review a little on orchid care. Where there are two important objectives, namely vegetative and generative phase. Fertilizing basis should not be separated from that phase. In general the orchid plants for fertilization grouped into three age as follows:

1. Plant Seedling phase (Seed)
Categories seedling orchids are beginning to emerge from the bottle until the age of 9 months. At this age the content of N fertilizer needed more. This is because the high element of N that will be used the plant to form proteins necessary for growth and development. Can use fertilizer that contains elements of N, P, K in the ratio 60:30:10.

2. Plant Mid-size (Size medium / adolescents)
Which are included in this category are plants after nine months to ready the first flowering is 18 months. At this age required ratio of N, P and K are the same. Growth is not as fast as seedling period. Besides, the plants need to prepare the conditions for entry vase generative / flowering. Fertilizer can be used with the content of N, P, K in the ratio 30:30:30 or 20:20:20.

3. Flowering Plants-size (Size flowering)
After 18 months of entering a phase of flowering orchids. So apply fertilizer containing elements P higher. P elements as well as for growth, it is important to stimulate flowering. With a focus on flowering, can be used fertilizer containing elements N, P, K in the ratio 10:60:10.

How to apply fertilizer as Easy application is to use a complete fertilizer that already contains elements of N, P and K or often sold under the name of NPK fertilizer. And also has been sold NPK fertilizer containing complete with various ratio. But if it does not find the appropriate ratio of growth, it must be combined with other fertilizers.
        The best way of fertilizing orchids is by dissolving the fertilizer in water, then sprayed throughout the plant orchids. Orchids have a privilege that the leaves can absorb water and salts dissolved therein. The time for proper fertilization when leaf stomata opening width, in the morning at 08:00 ~ 10:00 and 15:00 ~ 17:00 pm.
Selection of fertilizers is important. This relates to the ratio of N, P, K required. It is important to note in fertilizing orchids:

- Use a fertilizer with NPK ratio that corresponds to the needs of growing orchids.
- Use of dosage in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions.
- Do not give granular fertilizer directly to the roots or the media.
- Do not give fertilizer when the plants are resting (dormant).
- Do not give fertilizer to orchids that are sick.
- Fertilizers used to be completely soluble in water.

A grower should be able to see the crop needs for nutrients. By reading or listening to the complaints of media condition of the plant. Because the appearance of the plant will provide a clear picture of what is being experienced or required by the plant. He must be sensitive and know very well the condition of the plants. How about you..??? And remember never to use excessive fertilizers to exceed the maximum dose. Obtained instead of the plant have been nice. But the result is more damaged than the cultivated plants without at all. That is the practice how to apply Fertilizers to Orchards Flower, please read the orchard nurcery, too

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How to apply Fertilizers to Orchards Flower