Organic Vegetables Grown in Polybag

Organic Vegetables Grown in Polybag

If we have no land or space enough to grow vegetables can also grow it in pots, polybags, or other containers. Because the place is small and can be placed in the land, these vegetables can be consumed alone or sold. Sell ​​organic vegetables such as vegetables or plants and their pots or polybags.
Growing organic vegetables or polybag or pot have some other advantages:

* Can be cultivated on a small scale or household
* Easy maintenance because each plant is planted in a separate container
* The possibility of transmission of disease through small roots, diseased plant is avoided
* Saves fertilizer use because not wasted
* Easier when planting some plants
* Land is used more narrowly as pots or polybags can be put in a tiered rack
Although many advantages are gained by planting in pots and poybag, another way of also some drawbacks They are:
1 requires the cost of providing polybag and pots
2 further transport
3 requires a sales when to sell vegetables along with container

A. Preparation Place and Media

Growers can use  polybag, pots, plastic buckets, biscuit tins 20 -30 em diameter and about 30 cm high
2 Growing media for vegetables is generally a mixture of soil and manure or compost 3 Comparison can be 1: 1, 1: 2, 1: 3

B. Nursery
1 size small seeds, such as Selda, mustard greens, peppers, and tomatoes
2 Place the nursery a wooden box, polybag, pots, banana leaves or other container with a diameter of 10 cm and container nurseries are not perforated.
3 Nursery can use a mixture of soil and compost with a ratio of 1: 3
4. Seedlings are planted in nursery containers that have didisi planting medium with a distance of 1-3 cm
5. Seed Bed length depending on the type of crops such as 2 -3 weeks for mustard

 C. Planting
* For the first swing crops
* For plants that are not sowing in pots or poly bags filled by the growing media

D. Cultivation
* Some routine maintenance that needs to be done as follows
* Every day not to get inspected plant pest or disease
* If still seems less fertile, the plants can be fertilized with manure or compost sometimes mature
* If the soil looks dry, plants can be watered
* To plant tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and other plants that produced fruit.

Try and Good luck...!

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Organic Vegetables Grown in Polybag