America Leads Economic World

American Leads Economic World
Here's Why America Excellence in World EconomyAmerican Leads Economic World. The American economy - the United State's economy is one system of economy that have important influence in the history of the economic world. Even with all of the overarching influence on this earth to make America a country that became a role model for other countries, in terms of development economic.At first, the Economy of American does not differ much from other countries.

 However, because the American people uphold devotion to the democratic interests that ultimately makes this country a strong state in various fields in the appeal of other country, including in the field of economy.Influence of America on the Economic World EconomyIn general if pulled understanding of the American economy, it can be concluded that the US economy is an economic structure that is built by American country so well, so many countries that follow. 

Started since the end of World War II, American was transformed into a superpower and a country dubbed the superpower of being able to master a variety of areas of the economy.As it is happening in Indonesia rupiah currency in 1997 and now in 2015, dollar was and is strengthen and strengthen. It is one proof of the strength of the American economy is the US Dollar which is the largest currency are cornerstones of the exchange rate against other currencies in the world. The high value of the dollar compared with the value of the currencies of other countries as well, including one of the things that encourages the strengthening of their economic system.

This is the reason why American economy So Strong Which became the basis of the strength of the US economy actually began during World War I. From various sources that we can turn on when the US strategy to manage its economy with a strong well which countries - other countries actually spend a great deal since the First World War , With a mature strategy, America really - really control their economy while continuing to perform a variety of strategies to strengthen their economies. It's just that rivals America today there is only one country, namely the Russia.

Nonetheless, the country - other countries much oriented to the United States to follow the example of their way to build a strong economic system. And it is worth it called superpower America and a superpower.American economy outperformed the Russia.Formerly, the Russia is a union of several countries in the northern forge unity and form a government based colonial and socialist communism. Clearly understand they are very different from the United States that embrace democratic system. Even when the cold war between the two countries held a mutual fistfight including in terms of business and economic competition.

But eventually America can still outperform the former Soviet Union probably because the American economy which is more advanced than the first economy of the Soviet Union.  The indication  of welfare in social economy are detailed.

Finally, this also brings the impact of  fragmentation of the Soviet Union in 1991 which is split into several states. With the collapse of the Soviet Union  make the economy of the world especially of America  is getting stronger and is one - the only economic system that is respected and should be followed by other countries in the world. Well America economic leads the economic of the world.

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America Leads Economic World