Social Health and Prosperity Economics

Social Health and Prosperity Economics 

Here are some data and characteristics of social health and prosperity of society. Social health is not only determined by the food quality and delicious they consumed but by other factor :

1. Characteristics of a Healthy Society
a. increase the ability of people to live healthy
b. resolve simple health problems through the improvement, prevention, cure disease and restore health
c. improvement of environmental health measures, especially the provision of basic sanitation are developed and utilized by the community to improve the quality of the environment
d. improvement of the nutritional status of the people associated with increasing socioeconomic status
e. decrease morbidity and mortality from various causes and diseases

2. Indicators of Healthy Economics Communities
According to the WHO some indicators of healthy people is:
a. Circumstances relating to the status of public health, including:
1) indicator komprehensif- crude mortality rate decreased
- The ratio of the low mortality rate proporsial
- Life expectancy increases

2) indicator-specific maternal and child mortality rates declined
- Mortality due to infectious diseases decreased
- Declining birth rate

b. Indicators of health services
1) the ratio between health personnel and population balance
2) The uneven distribution of health workers
3) Detailed information about the number of beds in hospitals, other healthcare facilities, etc.
4) Information about the number of kesehtan care facilities including hospitals, health centers, maternity homes, and so on.


1. Assessment
Activities carried out in the assessment are:

a. Data collection include:
1) General data
- The location of the target area
- Geographical circumstances
- an area
- Demographic patterns

2) Special Data
a. Cultural data
- Level of education
- Employment
- The level of socioeconomic
- Culture and customs

b. Health data (health care coverage)
- Healthy elderly
- The state of public nutrition (elderly)
- Diseases that affects the elderly

c. The state of environmental health
- Housing
- Source of clean water
- garbage dump
- Sewerage
- Toilet
- etc

d. Community participation in health activities run
e. Community resources
f. Etc

2. Data Processing
The steps in the processing of the data include:
a. classification / categorization of data
b. the calculation of the percentage of coverage using Telly
c. tabulation of data
d. interpretation of data

3. Data Analysis
Data analysis is the ability to link data and link data with cognitive ability possessed so it can be gaps or problems faced by the public if the subject matter of nursing or health problems faced by society

4. Formulation of the problem
Based on data analysis can be known health and nursing problems faced by the community. And all these problems may not be solved at once. Therefore we need a priority issue

5. Priority Issues
In determining priority public health problems, the health assessment  and care needs to consider a variety of factors as criteria, which are:
a. the public's attention
b. prevalence
c. the severity of the problem
d. possible issues to be addressed
e. the availability of community resources
f. political aspects

That are condition of data economics of society.Social Health and Prosperity Economics.
Nations in the world are willing to enhance their economic as the power and strong as American economiy.

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Social Health and Prosperity Economics