Barack Obama A Good Memory

Barack Obama A Good Memory 

Dear Reader, I present to you a brief story of H.E. Barack Obama, the President of USA when he was child and lived and was schooling in Indonesia. I read it as a good memory, I quoted H.E. Barach Obama's friend, Dara.
Here we begin the story :
He also often hide under the bed when picked" said Dara. The flurry of parents at the time, making Barry spent more time at the house of Dara after school. Indonesian Barry is not smooth, according to Dara often become obstacles to their conversation. Dara even had to ask his father how to ask Barry back in English. "After the father told, so if Barry does not want to go home I just say 'Barry, go home'.

So Barry straight home," Dara said, laughing. However, Dara considers Barry is a good friend and not irritable heart. Their friendship is lost when Barry moved to SD Besuki school in the middle of the third grade.

Only around 2004, the memory of Barry re-appear when reading the article entitled "From Menteng Dalam US Senator Being" in the national newspapers. "I just know Barry Soetoro. So I sent an email to an account belonging to Obama ahead of the election of senators. Uh, apparently reciprocated someone named Obama admitted that he named Barry" Dara story.

 Communication also had established some time. But when Barack Obama become President of the United States, Dara admitted that it can no longer communicate via email. "Maybe because of busy yah" he said. Obama's childhood friends not to expect too much to be face to face with Obama, if true will visit Indonesia. "I just hope he still remember his little friends" said Dara.

To know story of the president of America now read here about Barach as the president  when after he become president.As we know that whoever the president of USA, the American economy is always better than any other nation in the world, to know this phenomenon of economy please read this article American lead economic world.

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Barack Obama A Good Memory