Disaster Ozone and Preventing Depletion

Disaster Ozone and Preventing Depletion 

The ozone layer protects life on Earth from solar ultraviolet radiation. However, the enlargement of the ozone hole in the polar regions of Earth lately alarming. If it is not anticipated, can cause tremendous environmental disaster. the Disaster Ozone and Preventing Depletion may happen, so avoid it.

Ozone layer destruction that threaten the Earth a warm conversation experts and world leaders who had gathered at the headquarters of the United Nations (UN) recently. And, on 16 September designated as International Ozone Day. A campaign to preserve the ozone layer to avoid more severe damage. (so as not to damage the ozone layer are more severe, then the healthy nature lovers hold an international campaign to conserve nature conservation.

 So the set Ozone Day on 16 September last). which has been conducted over the last 20 years was not able to suppress the rate of destruction of the ozone layer. No less than UN Secretary General Kofi Annan reminded the importance of reducing or avoiding the use of substances that destroy the ozone layer.

Meanwhile, ozone expert from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) give a warning (alert) that large ozone hole in the Antarctic will be close to a record in the coming week.

Preventing  Depletion and disaster of Ozone

 Efforts to prevent ozone depletion be started jointly by all the countries in the world. The effort also has been in galakkan seriously by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), one of the UN organizations engaged in environmental protection and nature programs. In 1977 again, UNEP World Design has taken action on the ozone layer, and in 1987, created a world agreement on reducing material expenditure that cause ozone layer was signed, namely 'the Montreal Protocol'.

This protocol of which resulted in actions in guarding earnings and release of CFCs into the environment. Therefore, we all have to look at this issue seriously and seeks to prevent or minimize the depletion of the ozone layer in the natural world in ways that minimize the use of materials that can narrow the ozone so that future generations can inherit the natural surroundings that are still good.

On September 16, which is an international ozone day, the issue of ozone and the damage is one of the issues that continue to be the subject of study in several countries. Ozone damage is inseparable from our behavior towards nature. The greenhouse effect (ERK), which became one of the causes of damage to the ozone. This occurred partly because of deforestation, pollution and other air pollution. This Disaster Ozone and Preventing Depletion must be the agenda of the government every where in this globe.

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Disaster Ozone and Preventing Depletion