Barack Obama, The President of US was a Jakartan

 Barack Obama, The President of US was a Jakartan

Role of America in the world will be more accepted, and the president of US was ever live in Jakarta.
 Barack Obama is very popular in Illinois, United States (US) was ever lived in Jakarta Indonesia. He was a Jakartan. Understandably, he was a US senator from the state. But much do people know that he never received his elementary school (SD) in Indonesia? Yes, Barack Obama was a US senator Indonesian flavor.

Smiling man born August 4, 1961 start caught the attention of the world because of his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention 2004. At that time, he was a state senator Illinois. Later that year, Obama was elected as the first African to win election to the US Senate from the Democratic Party of Illinois.

The man who later became Obama's stepfather was named Lolo Soetoro. After Ann-Lolo married and graduated, the couple then moved to Indonesia in the 1960s. Barack who has little name 'Barry' also brought to Jakarta.

While living in Jakarta, Ann-Lolo couple blessed with a child woman. Barrack sister is named Maya Soetoro-Ng. Several years of marriage, Ann and Lolo later divorced. I wonder what makes the couple divorced. But, allegedly Ann feel less attention Lolo, Lolo because a geologist who had to go to Papua, the Indonesian army following the program.

 Finally, when he was 10 years old, Barack and his mother was leaving Indonesia. Barack then returned to Hawaii and raised her grandparents, Madelyn Dunham. So, where Maya Soetoro, Barack sister? Maya Soetoro also brought Ann Dunham to the US. Now, Maya became a lecturer at the University of Hawaii. While Lolo Sotoro already died on March 2, 1993. While in Hawaii, Barack Obama schooled by his mother at a good school.

After leaving elementary school in Indonesia, upon arriving in Hawaii, Barack enter school fifth grade at Punahou School. So where in Jakarta elementary school that had become a place of learning Barack? It is not yet revealed. AFP search results, he mentioned a school in a madrassa (Islamic school). But, school what, exactly, is not clear. Barack has written his biography titled 'Dreams From My Father: A Story Of Race And Inheritance reviews and Compare'. The book is selling well. Unfortunately, in the book it is not mentioned once in school where Barack currently living in Indonesia. However, in an article, Barack indeed still have fond memories while living in Indonesia. When crowded bird flu outbreak, Barack was keen to follow it up. He writes articles about bird flu also spread to Indonesia.

Well, that's when he tells about his life in Indonesia. In the article, she told while living in Jakarta, many of his neighbors who raise chickens in his backyard. Habits like this is likely to cause further widening bird flu in Indonesia. Barack brilliant person. Undergraduate education he got from Columbia Unversity law school magna cum laude with honors. After graduation, he had worked as a lawyer in New York and Chicago.

After that, she was standing in elections in Illinois in 1997. He was elected as a senator in the state. In 2004, he followed the election of a US senator from Illinois. Set aside a lot of candidates, he eventually became the first African elected as a US senator from Illiois or become the fifth person of African descent from all the states of the US senator. Much was done by him, so that became famous. And the world and Indonesia hope the president of USA will do better for betterment of the world situation as stated in his visit to Indonesia some years ago. Read more story about Obama in childhood.

 In fact, he is mentioned as a presidential candidate for 2008!He was  a Jakartan.

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Barack Obama, The President of US was a Jakartan