Way to Care Nail For Health and Beauty

 Way to Care Nail For Health and Beauty

Way to Care Nail For Health and Beauty. Perhaps most of us are still remember the first time in childhood, teachers always checked our fingernails. It was done not only for hygiene, but also for beauty.

Make a habit of taking care of toenails and hands regularly. Foot and hand nail care is not only intended for toenails and hands look beautiful and neat, but more on health functioning finger nail cuticle and maintain moisture and softness of the skin of hands and feet.

Preparation healthy nails If you want to do a foot and hand nail care at home, doing this habitual with family members or friends. Besides saving costs, you can establish a more harmonious relationship and you will have a healthy foot and nice to look at..

However, before doing nails hand and foot treatments should prepare, beforehand, tools and nail care cosmetics. Among them:

A container of warm water and cold water, to soak your hands and feet before and after shearing so that the nails become weak and pliable before the cut. Scrubb Nail care cream is used to clean dirt and skin cells surrounding the dead on the toes and fingers by way of scrubbing.

Nail polish remover works to clean the nails of stubborn stains and transparent Nail Polish serve to protect nails to make it look more shiny.

 Nail Antiseptic (swiss guard) is used to kill germs that stick around the toenails and hands. And serves to avoid germs at the edge of the nail after the cut to avoid irritation and tetanus. Hand cream is a cuticle treatment cream that works to clean up the cuticles of the nails and dead skin cells around the toes and fingers Meni-Pedi

 Before doing this activity should first soak your feet and hands with warm water for approximately 5 to 10 minutes for the nails and skin of the feet and hands feel more supple.

Dry your feet and your hands with a towel and wipe the nail Scrubb cream on the nails around. Try as he rubbed it slowly up the dirt and cuticle apart.
Clean the toenails and hands by rubbing nail polish remover to remove stubborn dirt around the surface of the nail. Then rubbed antiseptic cream on the whole let stand a few minutes while you clean the cuticle.

Scissors the tip of the nail using nail clippers up neatly with the pattern as you see fit. Then the miser the edges to make it look more smooth and neat by using sandpaper nail.

Then clean the remnants of nail clippings and a layer of dry skin using antiseptic cream or swiss guard so that any germs that stick regardless.

After neatly trimmed nails, cuticle treatment cream rubbed hands in all parts of the finger and toe nails hands, and let stand for 5 minutes to absorb.

Then Clean up remnants of the cuticle and clean.

Finally wipe the transparent nail polish to protect the nails to make it look more tidy and protect your nails to be stronger and healthier.

Nails Neat and Sleek Shape the hands nail and feet every person is different, both the structure of the nail and nail patterns. To cut the nails to make it look neat, then the nails are cut according to the shape of fingertips as desired.

Clean up the tip of the nail using nail sandpaper by rubbing in one direction. For those who want to do more care in order to be beautiful and shiny nails for example, you could use a nail buffer on the surface of the nail, then move in one direction.

Then add a transparent nail polish to add to the beauty of your nails. Meanwhile, to eliminate calluses on the feet, soak your feet in warm water and then clean. Rub the existing sections calluses using a pumice stone. It could also clean the feet with cream scrub to remove dead skin cells.
 That are way to Care Nail For Health and Beauty

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Way to Care Nail For Health and Beauty