Rearing Pond For Keeping Carp Fish

  Rearing  Pond For Keeping Carp Fish

Alternative Pond For Keeping Carp Fish In many parts of the nation there is difficult to find a strategic or ideal place to keep the fish. In short, this kind of rearing fish carp is in limited space as cage.

 Made of bamboo spun in such a way that keep the fish and let the good circulation of water in it. In a cage cages are commonly installed in public waters. The selection of where to place nets in the waters will strongly support the success of the production process.

Some condition of water is requires fresher, among others, is the largest stream of water moving at, but not the strong currents . Here are some notes to be met to secure the life of fish is comportable to gain good growth.
Some arrangement should be kept in mind to maintain the cage function well;
1. Stations of nets can be installed parallel to the direction of the wind, the water body is large and spacious enough so as to ensure the stability of water quality, water depth can reach the minimum distance between the bottom of the web with the bottom 1.0 meters, water quality to support growth such as water temperature 27 C to 30 C , dissolved oxygen is not less than 4.0 mg / l, and the brightness is not less than 80 cm.

2. A container consists of a minimum of bag nets and frame nets. Dimensional rectangular unit mesh with a mesh pouch size 7 x 7 x 3 M3 or 6 x 6 x 3 M3.

3. every consists of four sets of bags and a set consisting of two layers of mesh pouch bag body part that goes into the water 2.0 to 2.5 meters.

4. Bamboo is difficul to find then It can be made of iron and a buoy stereofoam or drums. Net bag material derived from polyethylene yarn.

5. at least two times per day. While the manner of feeding is recommended in order to effectively use Feeding Frames can be made from net with a mesh size of 2.0 mm or rectangular area of 1.0 m2 up to 2.0. This tool is installed in the water body bag nets at a depth of 30 to 50 cm from the surface of the water. If the seeds spread in begining as 2500 kg in 3 months will result in the consumption size of carp fish 1.5 to 2 tons.

Well…jump the profit up 5-8 folds in 3 months. That is the Alternative Pond For Keeping Carp Fish

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Rearing Pond For Keeping Carp Fish