Petrol : Plant Petrol Producing

 Petrol : Plant Petrol Producing 

Semakin banyak tenaga  dan energi atau bensin kendaraan jika digunakan AC, sekian percent tenaga mesin digunakan untuk AC ini. Oleh karena AC harus dipelihara dengan baik supaya bekerja dengan baik.
Potential Bio-Fuel Crops called  Pecan tree (Aleurita mulukana) is the most potential to produce bio-fuel crops and it does not compete with food crops. Petrol : Plant Petrol Producing

Head of Research and Development of the Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia revealed that this plant began producing at the age of four years and be able to produce up to a maximum of eight years old.

Pecan Sunan cultivar can produce about 15 tons of dry beans, equivalent to 6-8 tons of biodiesel per hectare per year. While crop productivity Sunan pecan tree cultivar of strain "nyamplung" only 12 tons of dry beans per ha, and productivity "Kosambi" cultivar is only 8 tons per hectare per year .

Currently, it has developed a technology for the development of biofuel technologies ranging from the provision of seeds, cultivation, up to post harvest processing technology, and up to the oil into biodiesel processing.

According agriculture officer, these plants can be intercropped with other plants either food crops or plantation. "Intercropping cropping system to address the needs of farmers when the plant is immature," The officer added that this plant can be grown on marginal environmental conditions.

Development can be directed at ex-mining land or land not suitable for food crops. On the other forest lands, Sunan cultivar of pecan tree can also be developed with the plantation system. "This is one of the government's move to reduce imports of oil and gas, by increasing the share of biodiesel in diesel portion.

The result will reduce diesel consumption. In 2013 Indonesian is importing fuel oil country. The volume of fuel oil imports reached 45.63 million kiloliters, up 11.07% compared to 2012. The import of fuel oil imports were siphoning foreign exchange of USD 42.14 million, much higher than in 2012 amounted to USD 39.51 millions.  that is the made made Petrol : Plant Petrol Producing

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Petrol : Plant Petrol Producing