Harmful to Pregnancy When Consume

 Harmful to Pregnancy When Consume

There are some type of seafood that are not safe or harmful for pregnant women consumed. Not all marine fish safe to eat, because some of them may contain contaminants harmful to pregnancy. 

1. Fish contain mercury Pregnant women should avoid eating seafood, such as marlin and swordfish / swordfish etc, because this type of fish is probably the most contaminated with methyl mercury, which is highly toxic. In addition, several other kinds of seafood might contain listeria bacteria (which can cause listeriosis, a condition that is harmful to pregnancy).

This disease can cause miscarriage, or other complications associated with pregnancy. Mercury greatly influenced the development of the baby, especially the nervous system. Nearly all fish contain levels of mercury. Some fish such as tilefish, escolar, swordfish, roughy, mackerel, and marlin may contain mercury which is very high. Therefore, this type of fish should not be consumed by pregnant women.

It is recommended that women who intend to get pregnant should stop eating fish from this for a few months. Mercury is absorbed by fish and shellfish can accumulate in the body of pregnant women. And it takes a lot of time to remove it from the body naturally.

 Mercury is produced by a wide variety of waste results that cause environmental pollution including oceans Mercury is a liquid form of the metal, and when it went into the water to be converted into methyl mercury. Fish or other marine animals such as shellfish, etc., absorb mercury through their diet. Effect of mercury for a very bad pregnancy, ie mainly on the nervous system of infants and children.

 If a pregnant woman regularly consume fish containing mercury is high, then the next will accumulate in the blood stream and affect the development of the baby's brain and nervous system. At worst can cause reproductive failure, miscarriage, and physical developmental delay in infants.

 2. Eating raw seafood Eating raw seafood if consumed can cause food poisoning, because it can contain harmful bacteria, viruses or parasites such as tapeworm, toxoplasmosis, salmonella (worm type). Food poisoning can harm the baby may or may not be, but it can endanger the health of pregnant women. Parasites works just take the essential nutrients due to be used by pregnant women and infants. The seafood should be cooked or frozen properly, to eliminate viruses, parasites and bacteria, so that the seafood is safe for consumption.

3. Some types of tuna Tuna Albacore or white tuna and tuna steaks usually have higher mercury levels (nearly three times), compared to canned tuna. Usually there is a limit to this tuna consumption for pregnant women, ie 12 ounces of light tuna and 6 ounces of albacore a week. However, this limitation does not apply to canned tuna. Types of low-mercury fish such as tuna yellowfin tuna and Cob type. Especially for canned tuna mothers should limit their consumption, because it usually has been treated very well.

4. The fish were preserved with salt Not only harmfull for pregnant women should avoid excessive sodium intake, because it can lead to swelling and increased blood pressure during pregnancy. Seafood processing may be using a lot of salt, as the anchovies. The salt will make the sodium content in the food to be very high. Excess salt should be avoided, limit consumption of marine fish marinated

5. The portion of seafood recommended for pregnant women Pregnant women can eat 2 to 3 times (ie up to 12 ounces 340 grams) of fish and shellfish in a week. Various types of fish and shellfish can be varied when consumed. Canned tuna, shrimp, crab, trout, herring, anchovy, char, hake, mullet, haddock, catfish, cod, tilapia, scallops, clams, sole, oysters, crayfish, sardines, tuna and salmon are low white mercury levels, good for pregnant women. With note: Pregnant women consume various types of fish or shellfish should be limited, which is only once a week.

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Harmful to Pregnancy When Consume