How Long Human Survive Without Oxygen

How Long Human Survive Without Oxygen

Consciously or unconsciously our lives depend on the environment. This means that the environment around us, places and spaces where we live, largely determines our survival. The most vital environment determining our life is the air space or the atmosphere.

How long human can survive without eating (for most Asian people is rice and bread for Europeans) within a few days or even can survive up to a few weeks. Take a look strikers or people who were protesting the government or police with a hunger strike.

They survive without eating. But they still maintained his life by his colleagues giving them water to drink. This means that humans survive without eating, but still have to get input water to sustain life. Thus water is more important than food (rice or bread).

Picture (released by his family) of Bahraini human rights activist Abdulhadi Al Khawaja as he enters the 58th day of his hunger strike (5 April 2012) (source:

In certain geographic areas humans can only survive a few days without drinking water. Without drinking water could die from dehydration or lack of water. Humans who suffer from dehydration because they had no water input can survive for a few hours. However, humans can only survive for 4 minutes without oxygen, breathing the air without oxygen content.
Oxygen is a vital element in the atmosphere. Atmosphere contains the element nitrogen gas approximately 78%, 20% oxygen, 0.3% carbon dioxide gases and the remaining elements of other trace gas. How long can humans survive on air without enough  the oxygen content of the element is less than 20% or in the polluted air.
Source of oxygen more influenced by human activities and more oxygen derived from aquatic algae.
Air pollution happen in the industrial areas or burning forest can reduce oxygen levels in the atmosphere of the region, so it feels stuffy and shortness of breath.

Oxygen supply is derived from by-products of plant photosynthesis, and the oxygen in the world's greatest supplied is from plants that are in the ocean. Do you believe? Please think about which is vaster, oceans or continents ? and which is more destruction and vandalism occurred to vegetation by humans, in the continents or in the oceans?
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How Long Human Survive Without Oxygen