Breaking Poverty in Indonesian Plantation Areas

Breaking  Poverty in Indonesian Plantation Areas

Economic difficulty in a family forced member of the family to seek for  meeting the all needs and neglacting education even for the children. Unable to share time for training children, all family member efforts to economic fulfilment. Time is up even for rest. All the energy, efforts, and attention are to the primary need.

Someone is poor because he does not have sufficient income. Not having enough income because he does not have a permanent job. Not having a permanent job because he does not have the skills or the necessary knowledge reliable by others. Do not have the knowledges or skills because is not getting enough education. Having no sufficient education because they were unable (poverty)to pay or can not afford to get education. Financial problem in education due to poor. This vicious cycle conditions occurs in the economical poor inthe rural area community in other words they maintain the poverty 

The state (Indonesia rural goverment) must be present in this vicious cycle by providing the facility to attend school for the poor people. With free educational facilities for the poor will be provided the facility of knowledge or skill. Knowledge and these skills will be useful for individuals or communities to get the work at governmental institution or companies, so that the poverty culture.

To be the entrepreneur is another path that will be taken by individuals who have knowledge or skills. His knowledge and skill would direct him to create a new productive activities. This means breaking or enhancing the economic. The vicious cycle is cut off all at one.

Another habitual happened in un-educative or less-educated community. In the era of after Indonesian independent, people worked at plantation (estate crops corporation) or in the period of 1960s and early 1970s one had felt satisfactory if one’s child had the profession as one father. As a father or mother worked as rubber tapper or tea picker so as the child as tapper or picker. They did not make any effort to promote they children to higher position their parents. That was poverty used to be in isolated community as in the estate crops corporation located in rural or remote areas.

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Breaking Poverty in Indonesian Plantation Areas