The Fossil Fuel Replaced by the Prospective Algae.

Fossil Fuel Replaced by The Prospective Algae

Algae is the first plants created by God at the beginning of the creation of this world. It is evident petroleum derived from organic material. Effort is done to produce fuel from vegetation as from seaweed (algae), castor seeds (jatropa), bio-ethanol and bio-methanol. Algae grow faster and its biomass folding every day. it is prospective in replacing fossil fuel roles. Lipid content and oil content produced is 15 times more than that produced out of Jatropa or Soybean plants.

Anabena is a bluegreen alga that can fix atmospheric nitrogen. Nitrogen fixation takes place inside the heterocyst (the larger, very round cell in the photos)
Algae grows in coastal areas which are not suitable for other plants. Many well-known type of algae grown by American researchers are: Botryococcene, Chorella, Gracilaria,Cladophora.Pleurochrysis carterae, Dunaliela tertiolecta, and Sargasum (kind of faster growing algae). During the year 2008, the Ministry of Energy, which manages the affairs of the United States shifted efforts to derive bioenergy out of algae because algae growth is faster than the growth of land plants. this makes sense because the algae can be developed in a wider range of waters from the mainland. Known that ocean and watery areas is 2-fold greater than the dryland.

The results showed that yield is 4.6 liter to 18.4 liters per m2 of land .. This means that the results of bio-diesel is from 7 to 30 times more land than the biodiesel plants (Jatropa, corn and palm oil). To obtain 1 kg of algae cells takes 2 kg of wet algae and algal cells needed is 2.5 kg to 1 kg lipid or oil algae (vegoil). Algae oil is further converted into diesel fuel. Carbohydrate content in the fermented algae into biodiesel.

Algae oil is the raw material and then converted into fuel directly identified with Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO). Profit oil is not needed for cost transesterification process (process oil with alcohol and a catalyst to produce biodiesel). Experts estimates that the oil that comes from fossil Indonesia will be drilled out in tens of years, while the world's fossil fuels will exhaust within 200 years. Fossil fuels are non-renewable, while algae is renewable
Remembering of fewer fossil fuel drilled, while fuel consumption is increasing, the conversion and diversification of oil / fuel should be carried out intensively from now. Algal media has grown very large predicted to replace fossil fuel in the world until the end of life.

If there is no oil from algae, then certain parts of the earth will bitterly experience in certain seasons (frozen) and in the other hemisphere equivalent shall be destroyed because of the heat because there is no energy to move the air conditionned machine. Wallahu ‘Alam

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The Fossil Fuel Replaced by the Prospective Algae.