The Brave Prince of Sumedang of West Java Front of Ducth General Governor

The Brave Prince of Sumedang of West Java in Front of Dutch General Governor

Statue depicting two figures known as the leaders of Prince Kornel can now also be seen in campus of University of Winaya Mukti of Tanjungsari, precisely on the Bojong Seungit hill. This statue is a transfer from Cadas Pangeran site (Prince rock). I do not know what the reason Sumedang Regent to replace the statue with a greater statue similar to the former. The former statue is smaller, now preserved in Unwim campus.

What is unique of sculptures that can be seen by the passerby Bandung-Cirebon road or the student of UNWIM. Which is not common is the handshake position, the two hands are at the same right position of the Governor or the same left side of the Prince. For the Easters left hand is something bad or unwiseness.

Prince is showing the agree, He was brave instead. He is angry with the Governor. Why he get angry? because he did not accept his people were treated as corvee forced labor. It should be utilized a bulldozer to break rocks hills, when it is done with a hoes and crowbar device. Many people suffered in the road
project. It is reasonable one protested his leader over unwise policy and is not fair to his people.

We are proud to have a leader who is brave. Perhaps the reason of Sumedang Regent wishing to show the audience and passerby that Prince Regent of Sumedang, West Java was dare and brave to fight the Governor. However, when Dutch come to Sumedang and see the statue, they will also feel proud to see their general sculpted as a statue in the land of Indonesia. They will be proud of theirself "I was a knight race". We use the right hand for handshake marking in goodwill. while the Prince held keris/knife by right hand signing brave... ?

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The Brave Prince of Sumedang of West Java Front of Ducth General Governor