Learning Resources Most Effective

 Learning Resources Most Effective

 Various Most Effective Learning Resources - Types of learning resources From the definition of learning resources division had spawned several types of learning resources. There are split into six types with the first details, sources in the form of a message. Second, human, equipment third, fourth, fifth materials, techniques / methods and sixth environment / setting.

Types of Learning Resources Most Effective - Others divide into two kinds, first, learning resources designed (by designed) that learning resources are made available and used in a learning process with a specific purpose. Examples of books, slides,
encyclopedias and movies (VCD). Second, sumberbelajar that exist in the environment is a learning resource that can be exploited / used (by utilization) are in the community and not specifically designed. For example the market, community leaders, museums,
government agencies and so on.

Different types of learning resources is, in essence should not be seen partially. Should be seen as a unified whole in a learning process. All types of learning resources that are appropriate to consider in order to achieve better learning. Thus expected to have positive impact on learning outcomes.

Various Most Effective Learning Resources - Learning Resource Selection Have we all know that the efforts to optimize learning resources is essential. Why? Due to the use of learning resources will produce quality learning process, interesting and fun for students By and large, there are two types of learning resources, namely:

Designed learning resources (learning resources by design), the learning resources that are specifically designed or developed as a component of the instructional system to provide targeted learning facilities and formal. Learning resources are utilized (learning resources by utilization), the learning resources that are not designed specifically for the purpose of learning and its existence can be found, be utilized for the purposes of learning [1] Types of Learning Resources Most effective- From both kinds of learning resources, learning resources can be: a. Message: information, teaching materials; folklore, fairy tales, saga, and so on. b. people: teachers, instructors, students, experts, resource persons, community leaders, leaders of institutions, career figures and so on;
c. materials: books, transparencies, films, slides, images, graphics designed for learning, reliefs, temples, statues, comics, and so on;
d. tool / equipment: hardware, computer, radio, television, VCD / DVD, camera, whiteboard, generators, engines, cars, motorcycles, power tools, screwdriver and so on; e. approaches / methods / techniques: disikusi, seminars, problem solving, simulations, games, gatherings, casual conversation, discussion, debate, talk shaw and the like; and 6. environments: classrooms, studios, a library, auditorium, friends, gardens, markets, shops, museums, offices and so on.

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Learning Resources Most Effective