Construction of Rural Public Health (PKMD)

Construction of Rural Public Health (PKMD)

Purpose PKMD 1.

General Purpose is to improve public health through non-governmental efforts, so that the community is able to independently perform a healthy behavior, in improving the well-being and quality of life.

-Special Purpose

a. Growing public awareness of the activity and its potential to help themselves in improving their quality of life
b. Develop skills and community initiatives to play an active and self-sufficient in improving the welfare of their own
c. produce more local community workers who are able, skilled and willing to play an active role in rural development
d. Shaping the volunteers from the community who are able and active in rural development program activities.
e. Emergence of cooperation activities of different sectors of society and the government in an integrated manner.
f. Improving the health of society with falling birth rates, mortality, morbidity, and improving the nutritional status masyarakatl.

C. Characteristics - Characteristics PKMD

Construction of Rural Public Health (PKMD) has the following characteristics:

1. Activities carried out on the basis of consciousness, ability and initiative of the people themselves, in the sense that activity began with activities to address health problems that are perceived by the community itself as a necessity, and implemented through non-governmental efforts based on mutual assistance and use the dig source and potential of local communities

2. Planning established by the community by consensus.

3. The implementation of activities based on the active participation and governmental organizations in the sense of making optimal use of the capabilities and resources of the communities.

4. Put on the outside is merely spur, complement and support, not lead to dependence

 5. Activities carried out by trained local community.
6. Utilize appropriate technology.
7. The activities shall include at least one of the elements of PHC.

D. Scope PKMD Construction of Rural Public Health (PKMD) as a form of health development approach is characterized by the following five characteristics:

1. comprehensive coverage of the population sehinggap enduduk can obtain health coaching according to need based on the principle of a fair equity (equity).

2. Development of the cover preventive health (prevention), promotion (activity increase), curative (healing efforts) and rehabilitative (re improvement efforts), with an emphasis on the health of the population through the essential guidance:

a. Counseling on rural public health issues and ways to overcome them.
b. Provision of healthy food and improved nutrition.
c. Procurement activities of clean water and basic sanitation
. d. Improved maternal and child health and family planning.
e. Immunization against the major infectious diseases.
f. Prevention and eradication of endemic diseases.
g. Appropriate treatment of common diseases and injuries.
h. Provision of essential drugs.

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Construction of Rural Public Health (PKMD)