Worsen Condition of Drug Abuse among Youngers

Worsen Condition of Nedicine Abuse among Youngers

In this website, I wrote some articles related with medicine . There is article describing harmful effect of smoking the body health. Also there is article presenting the disadvantages of tobacco, but I also wrote an article informing some advantages of tobacco and the used of nicotin in medicine. But in general, tobacco is more disadvantages to people than its advantages. So, in the wrapper of cigatte it is obviously written tha tobacco or smoking is danger for the health. The moral effect of smoking is smoking is the intermediate of drug utilization for the youngers. Beginning with cigarette smoking then proceed the smoking of mixed drug, and so on, and worsen condition in tyhe end

The parents are concerned with a headline of a news of a daily in Jakarta telling that the burden of a drug abuse and drug addict, as well as the moral burden of his family if a family member is a victim of the drug. Various attempts were made to rehabilitate these victims, both families, government and private party that are sympathetic on rescue victims. Here I describe how parties and governments sympathetic rehabilitation efforts. It turns out very large costs required and very heavy way rehabilitation is done. Author've been to rehab at a boarding school in Tasikmalaya regency. It was a great effort and hard to rehabilitate drug addicts as reported by various sources:

Drug addicts get rehabilitation action is still very minimal. Of the number of addicts is estimated at 4 million people, the government through the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) can only rehabilitate 20 thousand addicts, or about 1 percent each year.

Budget allocation rehabilitate addicts is expensive and requires a long time. "One addict needs Rp 4 million to Rp 5 million per month for the cost of rehabilitation that includes eating, detox, counseling and other health care costs.
Medium to cure an addict clearly takes at least 6 years. But due to budget constraints, can only rehabilitate addicts BNN average of 1 year.

Because of the low percentage of addicts who get rehabilitation, relapse rate (relapse) among former addicts is very high.

It is estimates that 30 percent of former addicts can relapse if you do not get good support from the environment, including the supervision of the family. Base on information it is said the government should put a drug addict as a victim. Therefore they must be rehabilitated and not even imprisoned, and mixed with other criminals.

We and official agencies should in this and law enforcement officials should be able to distinguish between the victim and of the traffikers before the condition of medicine abuse worsen. Treatment is obviously much different efforts to suppress the circulation of drugs, the government including the president needs to be more firmly against the drug dealers. Given the drug dealers is a moral destroyer and the future of the nation.

We have to make precaution in this matter more seriously, and we have to able to rehabilitate the victims and be able to prevent new victim.

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Worsen Condition of Drug Abuse among Youngers