Danger, Causing Petrol Station Explosion

Danger, Causing Petrol Station Explosion

Petrol is easily burn, but not the petrol station. As a gas of easily burn petrol in the station is protected by many precaution standard imposed to all staying in the area.

Come to petrol station is a must for a driver, if he/she has no petrol assistant. Any ways, whoever and whatever position of person coming to petrol station have to obeyed the regulations. For those who often fill the petrol or the like to pay attention to surroundings, certainly never seen a ban on nearly every gas station to use the phone while charging. Although it is not uncommon for people to not obey the ban, any ban it certainly was no reason for it. Violating the ban is almost always a consequence of her. Then the same thing with the ban on using this phone.

What is regulation for someone with one’s Mobile / Cell Phone. It is not allowed to set on MP at the pump? His explanation is below :

Exist in a mobile phone the reaction, in addition to removing the high frequency, also sparks although only in very small amounts (1 micron. 1 micron = 1/100 mm). The sparks came out from around the antenna coil, which is caused by the voltage potential difference which is quite high. Besides, there is also MP LED (Light Emitting Diode) that also give off light. LED in use in different dg HP LED electronics being sold in the market. At the time of the LED light turns on, there will be incandescent
Usually, sparks and incandescent LED is actually not enough to ignite gasoline vapors (benzene C4H8O12) in the open air. But gasoline is one of the fuels that easily vaporize. Therefore it could have already saturated the air around gas stations (petrol vapor filled), then the gasoline vapor will be burned by the spark which is quite small. The effect yes DUARRR explosion in the air. Burn and kill us….. It is what we fear about. At the time of the gas due to gasoline vapors that "the streets" to about a phone that is we use, then it is likely to explode our ears are huge.

A very big risk. nothing is more expensive than the price of our lives. What happen if our MP explode in our clothes pocket, because phone calls ring when we are paying beside the petrol station.

Be careful, in handling your MP around petrol station.

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Danger, Causing Petrol Station Explosion