Lightning Fixates Free Nirogen In The Air

Lightning Fixates Free Nirogen In The Air

There are two ways the free nitrogen in the air can be fixated, the lightning and the activity of  soil bacteria.
If we associate with the condition of the rainy season, then in fact there is enough nitrogen for plant growth because nitrogen has been disconnected or experiencing volatilization (lost in free air) again bound by any thunder / lightning and will be returned to the soil through rain water.

Although Nitrogen often experience changes in shape, but it is easy for plants to absorb these elements due to the balance nitrogen cycle. Plants absorb nitrogen element in the form of ammonium (NH4 +) and nitrate (NO3). The presence of NH 4 + is relative to the crop because it is easy to change shape into Nitrate Nitrogen (NO 3) due to the nitrification process .

Nitrification is a change Ammonium / ammonia into nitrate by soil organisms such as bacteria nitrifikans Unfortunately, this simple form of nitrate lost by leaching in the soil due to the flow of water / bound by clay minerals that can move during a time of percolation in the soil.

Alternative solutions nutrient loss due to leaching of fertilizers is to provide impartial,but some are given without the macro and micro nutrients passing through a slow release fertilizer (slow decay in the soil) remain available plant nutrients remain intact. It is also worth noting the balance of the natural cycle of nutrients in order to maintain stability so as to increase crop production.

So before understood the nitrogen cycle images need an understanding of Nitrogen ground anywhere.
 -through rain that brings the material N from the air * (NOx, HNO3 due to lightning)
 -through the touch of lightning from the air (although a lot of people who die of lightning)
 -of demineralization / decomposition by decomposers of dead material that contains protein (CHON)
 -of the deposition process due to an eroded spot / wash made or natural fertilizer application
 -process of fixation by micro
-organisms have the ability to bind a reliable N22 Inert gas air that is not owned by organisms higher plants 
-Nitrification by bacteria nitrifikans incredible (Denitrification Nitrogen in the air)

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Lightning Fixates Free Nirogen In The Air