Acid Rain and Life Part 2

Acid Rain and Life Part 2

I am pleased to continue the discussion on the acid rain in life, here is the continuation that I began in the previous article of acid rain part 1,

-Control During Combustion

Some of the technologies to reduce SO2 and NOx emissions during combustion has been developed. One of those is lime injection technology in multiple burners (limb). With this technology, SO2 emission can be reduced by 80% and NOx by 50%. This mean reducing the acid rain containing much acid.

- Control After Burning
Reduction of contaminants can also be done with the scientific results of the combustion gases. The technology is already widely used Fle gas desulfurization (FGD). The principle of this technology is to bind SO2 in the waste gas in the chimney with absorbent, called scubbing. In this way 70-95% of SO2 that is formed can be tied. The disadvantage of this method is the formation of waste. However, the waste can also be converted into gypsum which can be used in a variety of industries. Another way is to use ammonia as a binding agent so that the waste produced can be used as a fertilizer.

In addition to reducing sources of pollutants causing acid rain, gypsum produced by the FGD process it also has economic value because it can be used for various purposes as for building materials. As a building material in the form of gypsum plasterboard (gypsum boards) are generally used as a ceiling or ceiling (ceiling boards), wall room divider or partition (partition boards) and coating the wall (wall boards).

Synthetic gypsum is a breakthrough that could change the polluting waste material into a valuable new product economy. As wallboard materials, synthetic gypsum has a better quality than that obtained from gypsum mining. This process results FGD gypsum has a uniform grain size. The positive impact is so many. It is not impossible that one day, every coal power plant will be equipped with synthetic gypsum plant.

By this article I complete the discussion on the efforts to reduce the effect of acid rain.

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Acid Rain and Life Part 2