This tea  factory in Sumatra  and many  plantations throughout  Indonesia are inherited  by Dutch government. Indonesian should thank to the Europeans that came to the East were to find materials that can be used as the completeness of his life in Europe,  the Dutch came in Indonesian territory in the 17th century to look for herbs and spices to add to the calorie needs in their life in Europe. The tea plant is a plant freshener or refresher because the tea leaves produce a refreshing drink. This drink was sought by first Europeans. So they set up a tea plantation and processing factory set up, too.

One of the tea factory in Sumatera island is Factory of  Kayu Aro tea is grown in the highlands of the slopes of Mount Kerinci, Jambi. In fact, Kayu Aro is the best Indonesian tea. In fact, in colonial times, Kayu Aro tea became a drink Queen of England and Queen of the Netherlands.

The plant yielding, the resulting beverage is orthodox tea or black tea. In the past, this black tea comes from the tea Assam, India. Excess orthodox black tea is on flavor and aroma. Both of them are so typical. In fact, these advantages make packing tea producers make Kayu Aro tea for the main ingredient for obtaining the desired taste.

Kayu Aro tea plantations on the slopes of Mount Kerinci reach 3,020 hectares. It is one of the widest expanse of tea plantations in the world. The vineyard is located at an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level (masl), up to 1,600 meters above sea level. This garden one of the old tea plantation in Indonesia, which was built in the Dutch era.

Initially this area just ordinary forest. The Dutch company Namlodee Venotchaat Handle Verininging Amsterdam then created a tea plantation in 1925 to 1928 Clearing the Kerinci as a tea garden planting is done by employing hundreds of contract laborers from Java. Tea planting process began in 1929, while the tea factory was established in 1932.

From the hands of colonial, plantation management Kayu Aro Tea Plantation switch to PT Nusantara VI. Until now the tea garden and the old mill still operates from the Dutch. To enjoy the expanse of tea plantations, the general public can come right out and traveled. As for visitors who intend to see tea processing in factories Kayu Aro, they need special permission from the company archipelago. You see, in order to keep the aroma of tea is not tainted, not just anyone allowed to enter the factory. Factory workers are also prohibited from using cosmetics.

In the factory, freshly picked leaves will go through the process of withering in the bath-tub, a hot air flowing beneath it. After wilting, the lorry hanging, the leaves were transported to the mill. Then milled by machine.
The next process is fermentation. Results mill aerated cold temperature in the room. Last dried, the term entered into the frying pan. With machines, tea powder will be separated based on quality. Average every year this tea garden produces 5,500 tons of black tea. Most exported to Europe, Russia, Middle East, United States, Central Asia, Pakistan, and Southeast Asia.

The final stage of this process is to test tea in the testing room, which is done every day. The test starts from the appearance of the test particles, test the taste, aroma, color and appearance of water steeping steeping dregs. According to officers test the tea tests conducted since dry tea from frying. The goal is to detect if there is a change in quality. Tea tested once again before packaging. It was already a dozen years into the tester tea, take the tea pot and cup and doused with hot water. A few teaspoons of grade one, most superior tea, put in the pot. Not too finely granulated and black. Then the tea leaves were watered with boiling water, covered for three minutes.

After that, pour the liquid tea reddish to white porcelain cups. For testing, he smelled the steaming tea, and sipped water. If there is a strange scent and not according to the standard, the tea that is so it is not so sold. They will look for the cause of oddities.

From this testing room, a secret is revealed that the correct way to brew tea. Do not eventually brew, then bitter, and should always with boiling water,
In Tea factory in Sumatra, named Kayu Aro tea cup reddish it feels really different from other teas. The aroma of steaming tea water vapor is also very typical. Unfortunately, hard to get quality tea grade one here, because only sold abroad.
In Jambi and West Sumatra, there are also tea aro sold under the brand Tea Kajoe Aro. Although different quality, it's not much different from the export of tea.

Thus the land became the mainstay of Indonesia and became the target and destination ancient European people, and established many valuable in view of economy as the tea factory and plantations..


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