Charachteristics of Natural Rubber

Charachteristics of Natural Rubber

There are many condition of natural rubber that makes it different from the synthetic one.This is advantageous in the manufacture of shoe soles because the soles of shoes can be made thinner (such as outer soles of sports shoes), while still maintaining order not to feel the stone while walking.
However, the advantages of natural rubber by synthetic rubber is hard to surpass. There are also advantages possessed natural rubber than synthetic rubber are as follows:

- Have a high resistance to cracking (groove cracking resistance)
- Can be formed with a low heat.
- It has a high stickiness of various materials.
- Has elastic power or resilience perfect.
- Have a good plasticity so easy processing.
- Have a high wear power.
- Not easy to heat (low heat build-up)

The condition of natural rubber provides benefits or ease of the process and its use, either in the form of rubber or vulcanized compound or in the form. In the form of raw materials, natural rubber is preferred because it is easy to roll on roll when processed with an open mill / grinder is open and can be easily mixed with various ingredients needed in the manufacture of compound.

Natural rubber compound  is very easy to be glutinized one another so it is preferred in the manufacture of goods that need to be covered before vulcanization done. Excellence is what causes the stickiness difficult rivaled by natural rubber in the manufacture of synthetic rubber for tire radial carcass or in the manufacture of rubber shoe soles produced by direct vulcanization.

Elasticity property reflective properties of vulcanised natural rubber is very good, which led to the onset of heat (heat build up) is very low when reflected, the indispensable nature of the goods so that the rubber will experience repetitive pounding. This is a difficult trait rivaled by synthetic rubber, natural rubber, causing always used in a high proportion in the manufacture of vehicles off the road tires and aircraft tires.

Production of Indonesian rubber is the second largest in the world must catch the opportunity of the natural rubber advantage. Bright opportunities for national rubber course can only be achieved if Indonesia is able to improve the performance of the rubber plantation management is to increase the quantity and quality of rubber products.

Especially considering the Indonesian rubber plantation area is the largest in the world, with an area of about 3.4 million hectares, so the fore have considerable opportunities to become the largest producer of natural rubber in the world, which can significantly improve the growth of the Indonesian economy towards a better condition.

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Charachteristics of Natural Rubber