Beneficial Bacteria Live at the Back of Tongue

 Beneficial Bacteria Live at the Back of Tongue

Beneficial Bacteria Live at the Back of Tongue Bacteria are generally known to produce diseases and, to be protected from their harmful effects, people should be careful about the cleanness of both their bodies and the environments they live in. However, not long ago scientists discovered the presence of some beneficial bacteria in the human body, particularly at the back of the tongue.

Yes, you've read it correctly; there are beneficial bacteria in your body. The duty of the bacteria behind your tongue is to kill the harmful microbes in your stomach. But surely this is not an easy task and it demands a series of actions. First of all, bacteria convert the nitrate found in green-leafed vegetables like lettuce into nitrite. However, the process is not over yet.

Nitrite, in combination with the saliva secreted in the mouth, has an antimicrobial effect. In other words, the bacteria behind your tongue help in the production of a microbe-killing substance. As you know, microbes cause various diseases.

Thanks to the beneficial bacteria that produce a microbe-killing substance, you are protected against many diseases. These beneficial bacteria are one of the manifestations of the compassion of our Lord, Who created our bodies in the most perfect way.

Allah has given us many beauties and gifts. That these gifts are innumerable is related in a Qur'an verse as follows:

 “And if ye would count Allah's blessings, you can not specify the amount. Verily Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful”

So in our struggle to do or to fight something difficult we have to assure ourselves the aid of Allah will come. And do what He will, the Qur'an (Chapter 3 verse 160) says. If Allah assist you, then there is no one that overcome you.

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Beneficial Bacteria Live at the Back of Tongue